Anti-Counterfeiting Operations
Counterfeiting of products such as designer clothing, footwear, fragrances, jewelry, video and audio products and medications is big business these days. Often the consumer and the authorities regard this as a victimless crime.  Consumers are only too please to pay substantially less than the retail price for these copies of exclusive brand names.

The more expensive the item, the better the pickings for the counterfeiters.   Often, these counterfeiters are linked to highly organize criminal activities.  Others have disreputable foreign ties.  To the owners of these goods, this product abuse, if left unchecked, can spiral and ultimately devalue the company’s best asset, its reputation.

The identification of suppliers, importers, storage areas, distribution networks and retailers can be complex.  Vetter Investigations has the expertise and dedicated professionals to covertly monitor these activities, nationally and internationally, and play an active role in the apprehension of these illicit individuals or organizations. 

Vetter Investigations has direct liaison with law enforcement across the U.S. and throughout the world, thus assuring the seizure of the counterfeit product and that appropriate legal action is taken.

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