Surveillance / Interviewing

Surveillance has become a critical part of investigative work, particularly in the areas of white-collar crime, product infringement, counterfeiting and industrial espionage.

There is almost always a situation that calls for surveillance of a suspect or suspect's activities. It could be observing distribution centers, manufacturers,

dealers or physically tracking the movement of product. It can entail locating the subject’s home or contacts.  It could also involve interviewing neighbors, friends, relatives, or employees and owners of suspected locations such as pharmacies, retail or wholesale outlets, etc.

Vetter Investigations, Inc. has professional licensed investigators, expertly trained to get the job done discreetly and provide factual, unbiased evidence for the client.  We conduct an activity check of the subject and any related persons, provide details as to the surveillance area, determine subject’s residence, property or vehicles and when possible, video evidence can be obtained.

A competent and efficient surveillance is conducted while staying within the parameters provided by the client and within the law.

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