Intellectual Property
Intellectual property refers to various fields of law.  They include patents, copyrights, and trade secrets, the right of publicity and trademark and unfair competition. These areas are commonly confused because in some ways they are similar, yet different.  They entail intricate aspects of the law, so it is crucial that one understands these violations.

Vetter Investigations has the expertise to combat this form of abuse.  We also know that the best line of defense is knowing, as soon as possible, when copies of a company’s product come into the market.  This allows us to stop the infringement before it has any opportunity of spreading worldwide.  This is done with the continual monitoring of international and national markets by our team of diligent investigators.  Constant surveillance of retail outlets, wholesalers, distributors and the Internet has lead to the identity of these infringers, their contacts and associates, the tracking of distribution points and the apprehension and conviction of the abusers.

With the high costs of prescription medications today and the growing number of seniors needing these medications, we find more and more illegal activity in pharmaceutical fraud.  Whether it be counterfeiting, diversion or out and out theft, this criminal activity goes beyond being a civil matter.  It is a matter for the safety of the public because it can result in more serious illness or death.

With  over 40 years experience Vetter Investigations has successfully served mayor international companies active in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, high fashion and perfume industries.

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