Copyright & Trademark Infringement
No matter how good an organization’s defenses are, not all fraud can be identified and stopped without the help of an experienced, professional outside source.

Copyright and trademark infringements continue to increase and without proof, companies cannot take decisive action against the many copycats that exploit the design and/or product recognition of reputable companies.
The theft of copyrights and trademarks may come from either inside a company with dishonest, disgruntled, greedy employees or ex-employees or from other sources outside the company.

Vetter Investigations utilizes a full array of investigative tools including test purchases, product verification, comprehensive background checks, discreet surveillance and covert photography, video and audio evidence, together with intelligence as to the infringers identity, associates and movements.

Where our clients are without representation, Vetter Investigations can work with the appropriate authorities to ensure that enforcement action is taken.
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